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Updates: July 2008

Hello Readers. Well, it's been months since I've been able to post ANYTHING on this journal. I apologize. So much has been happening in my life, and I am working to get back on track with all my outlets.

I've started graduate school, with a 1-year Project Management program at Lehigh University. It's an online program, which lets me go to work during the day, and still take care of my family. There are 8 courses, and we've just finished the first one. I graduate next May, and please keep me in prayer about staying on task with it. I really want to develop as a Project Manager, and one day earn my PM certification.

Robin's 2nd birthday is July 28th, 2008! She's growing so much. I will post some photos from our last trip to Atlantic City. She'll hopefully be potty training soon.

Bob is going to California and Las Vegas in the coming weeks to continue furthering his career as a basketball referee. To date, he has lost 125 pounds. If he lets me, I will post some before and after shots of him. It's such a transformation. I didn't realize he had really changed that much until we saw some pictures of him from a couple Thanksgivings ago. I am so proud of him. He's really put so much effort into everything, and I am looking forward to this summer and what it can mean for our family.

I will be preaching my first 3-day Revival at Temple Elim Prophetic Truth Ministries, where I attend. The dates are July 23-25, 2008. I am so honored to be ministering for these 3 days. Please, for all those who prayer, please pray that the Lord speak and that His children receive what He wants them to receive. Temple Elim is located at 3709 Westfield Ave. Pennsauken, NJ.

Good Morning

It's a good morning, and I thankful that the Lord is with me.  I have been seeking God for special time with Bob, who has been so wonderful and loving to me.  We do have a loving relationship, and caring.  He got me a wonderful gift for Mother's Day, my first Mother's Day T-shirt!  Hopefully I will be small enough to wear it soon.  I love t-shirts!

Other than that, life is good.  Please keep me in your prayers, I appreciate all prayers for myself, Bob and little Robin.


Show me ...me

So, I've decided to let the Lord lead me to wherever He wants me to go. I need to continue to grow in my career, and even though it's daunting, I am willing to be trained, molded, and shaped. All I need is for the Lord to show me myself. I want to see what the end is going to be. I want to see the vision of who God wants me to grow into. I am not in a rush, but I am willing to be shaped. So Lord, please show me who you want me to become. I thank you.

Valentine's Day was wonderful

Yesterday was so wonderful. I'd given Bob some heart-shaped balloons and a little stuffed pink pig, just to be cute. Then, I sent him some e-cards. Free. Have to be sentimental and reasonable at the same time. So, then Bob surprised me with wonderful flowers and a beautiful card. I was so surprised. And I so appreciated it. Then, I made him a wonderful lamb dinner. It was such a pleasant day. We are getting so comfortable with each other. Those first 3 years are ROUGH because you don't know each other as well, expectations, etc. But man, it's so much better now. We were discussing something this morning, and in the past, we would have gotten really heated. But it didn't even go like that. It's comforting to know that we can see two different points-of-view and still agree on a solution. I love Bob!

Robin is feeding herself now

Well, there's only 3 more days until my birthday. I am off work, and will be having a restful day. Bob has to work that day, so I think we will be celebrating our birthday on Sunday. Maybe I will have a little dinner or something at the end of the month. We were going to try and go away for a couple of days. No rush.

I gave my beautiful daughter a spoon, and she just started feeding herself. She was so proud of what she'd accomplished, I had to take several pictures. She'll be sitting on the potty and getting use to using it. She's so smart and she makes me laugh. She truly is a joy.

If I have more to say, I'll post an update.


Keeping the hope alive

Well, my husband finally got a response from his NBA referee contact that he will be meeting him at the end of the month. We are going to be at the game. Thank the Lord. We missed the meeting in December, but we're on point now. Bob is doing so well.

Count down - 7 days to my birthday. WHOOHOOO! I will be off work, hopefully shopping and maybe getting a massage. I need it and want it.

I purchased the Fluidity Bar today, like I've been saying I would for WEEKS now. I am finally doing it, and that means, it's time to take down the Christmas tree. I will miss the lights in the living room, but I know it's time. I'm also going to grab the Dora the Explorer kitchen for Robin, hopefully in the next couple of days. She's so amazing! I have a video of her.. I need to post it online. She's so smart, she was trying to play the piano at my mom's house.

I'm tired

Whew! Life's been a little more tough lately. I don't want to complain, but I am feeling exhausted today. Bob and I stayed in a hotel last night, just to try and gather ourselves. He's working two jobs, and raising his little brother, I'm working and raising Robin, working in the church, and Sister Circle of course. So many things have been going on lately, and all I can do is pray. These things are life, plain and simple. I am going to surrender all to the Lord, and take on the things I know I can handle.

Sister Circle's next meeting is in February, and we'll be discussing Love and Relationships God's Way. I am going to try and write up something so I can share the things we are going to cover. I am excited, and grateful to the Lord for what He is teaching me and women in the body of Christ about love, the Lord's way.

I realize I am not a super hero, and have to take time for myself and for my family before I give to others. Robin is growing up, and it's important that we spend as much time together as we can. I miss her, love her, and couldn't imagine living this life without her.

Update: Jan 23

Well, visitors, it's been a couple weeks. I've lost 2 pounds, and am holding pretty steady on with my 1500/day program. I haven't been exercising since I want to use a new technique, but I am sticking very close to my plan and Lord knows, it's been hard. My life seems to be building more and more, and I am at my limit. But as long as the Lord keeps helping me, I promise to stay with it.

At my job, it's been pretty hectic. I believe I have a strong position, but still feel a great burden to just work like a mad dog. I've been able to produce on my projects, but the more I do, the more they want from me. So, it's tough. We've been doing weekends. Not happy.

Robin has been in daycare for almost 2 months now, and she really likes it. She's 18 months, so she is becoming even more independent, and will probably start potty training soon. As I was rocking her to sleep the other night, I just held her in my arms and couldn't believe how big she's gotten. I wish time didn't fly by so quickly. She's an angel, a wonderful daughter, and I love her so much. She's smart, and she loves to laugh. She doesn't like it when I won't let her do certain things. And then I think to myself, "When did you start caring what you did, Robin?" She use to just be happy to be eating and alive. Now, she's got preferences. LOLOL! She's adorable.

I've been working with my church, doing Praise and Worship as well as other things. It's really been a challenge, since my other responsibilities and Sister Circle still remain. But, I believe I made the right decision to help with the service and I am sure relief will be coming. Plus, I am to teach Bible Study soon. I have to find a way to plan and prepare for each Sister Circle event, write on a weekly basis, because I really did enjoy writing Sister Bites, and also preparing songs for service each Saturday.

Bob and I have a birthday coming up, Feb 8, and we are hopefully going to be taking some days off so we can relax and enjoy everything. How I love him so! He's lost so much weight, over 100 pounds, and I am so proud of him. This year in Las Vegas will be it!!!!

New Beginnings

This is the year of new beginnings, and I am so glad to be in the landing of the living.

This is my new before picture, and I am going to be hardcore for the next 3 months, I will be doing 1200 calories and working out. Lord willing, I will be ordering my workout equipment today so I can start exercising. I know I will get to my goal Thank you for your support.

Oatmeal Cinnamon Raisin Cookies

This past Sunday, I made Oatmeal Cinnamon Raisin Cookies.  They were outstanding.  This is a post in progress.  I will be uploading a collection of pics, but here's a picture of the finished product to the left.

Also, an update on the daycare.  Little Robin will hopefully be starting daycare on Monday, December 10th, at the Gifts of the World Day Care Center, Julia and Sherece Talley (owners).  Bob and I are excited to see little Robin joining with other little ones, and the fees are reasonable.  I will post a review after a month or so of her being there.  Please keep us in prayer about this.